Privacy Notice


Trinity Crafts does not automatically collect your personal information. You choose when to give us that information when you open an account or place an order with us. By giving us this information you have consented to its collection and use. Trinity Crafts will not use your personal information for any purpose other than individual customer service, shipping and mailing of product information.


Trinity Crafts website uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software which provides 128 but security. This is the industry standard. What this means is that every time you enter an area of our website which requires you to enter personal information, the site moves into secure mode. This means that all the information entered is sent encrypted (like a secret code) across the internet to our server. Once the information reaches the server it is stored in a secure area. Access to this information is password protected and is accessible only by the customer or by Trinity Crafts administration using a master password.

While we have taken all precautions to protect your personal information, the fact is still that data sent through the internet cannot be guaranteed 100% secure. If you have questions regarding the security of our website, email us at or through the "contact us" page on our website.


At this time, Trinity Crafts processes all credit card payments through PayPal. They process Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit card payments. PayPal provides state of the art security features and is easy to use and is fast becoming the most popular method of payment for internet buyers. PayPal is free. Because we use PayPal, Trinity Crafts doesn't have access to any of your credit card information. When you choose PayPal as your method of payment, you are sent directly to the PayPal website where you enter your payment information. Your credit card is instantly verified and processed and then you are sent back to the Trinity Crafts website to complete your order. PayPal notifies Trinity Crafts that your charge is authorized and we begin processing your order. The charge will appear on your credit card statement with the name Trinity Crafts beside it. It's so easy.

A Personal Note: If you are uncomfortable using your card over the internet my suggestion is to have a credit card that you use exclusively for internet purchases with a very small limit (I think the minimum the bank will give is $500.00).